Anti-Spam Solutions for Nonprofits

As an IT manager or accidental techie, you have two main strategies for fighting spam. First, educate yourself and your colleagues about how spam works. Second, you can use technology to battle spam. The rest of this article will focus on anti-spam technologies, also known as spam filters.

A Field Guide to Servers

When someone refers to a server, what are they talking about? Put most simply, a server is a piece of software or hardware that provides resources to one or more computers on a network. The word “server” causes some confusion because it’s used as a catch-all term for several distinct things.

Pensate di dovervi aggiornare a Windows 7?

Pensate di dovervi aggiornare a Windows 7? Quattro domande da farsi prima di acquistare Windows 7 e disporne presso la propria organizzazione

Secure Computing: The Key Ingredients

Just as locks, alarms, and watchdogs protect your home from intruders and thieves, security software helps guard your computer against threats like hackers, viruses, and harmful software.

Windows Vista: An FAQ for Nonprofits

Vista's launch has already generated some questions about upgrading, new features, tech support, and whether now is a good time to migrate your computers to this new OS.  To help you make an informed decision about Vista, we've answered a handful of questions that we think nonprofits will be most concerned with. You may want to use our answers to assess the potential pros and cons of upgrading to Vista at your nonprofit.

Microsoft Office 2007: An FAQ for Nonprofits

If your nonprofit relies on Microsoft Office for crucial day-to-day tasks, you may be wondering about the recently released Office 2007 suite's new features, potential impact on your budget, and whether upgrading now makes sense. To help you decide whether moving to Office 2007 is right for your organization, we've answered a handful of frequently asked questions. You may want to use our answers to assess the potential pros and cons of upgrading to Vista at your own organization.

Eleven Tips for Troubleshooting Software

Your computer software — be it a Web browser or a donor database application — likely plays a crucial role in your nonprofit's day-to-day operations. So when software problems such as unexplained crashes and strange error messages begin to occur, your workday can unceremoniously come to a silent (or not-so-silent) standstill.