Tips for Sharing Computers with Non-Staff

It can be hard enough to trust your own staff with computer equipment, let alone the general public. Yet for some nonprofits and libraries, any computer is a shared computer, with staff using equipment by day to work and constituents using it in the evenings for training, educational, or even recreational purposes.

Anti-Spam Solutions for Nonprofits

As an IT manager or accidental techie, you have two main strategies for fighting spam. First, educate yourself and your colleagues about how spam works. Second, you can use technology to battle spam. The rest of this article will focus on anti-spam technologies, also known as spam filters.

Tips for Hiring IT Staff: Balancing Skills and Communication

Hiring at its worst inspires both boredom and anxiety. Wading through resumes bores us, and the thought of hiring the wrong person scares us. And the fear factor is worse when you’re a non-techie who’s been tasked with hiring IT staff. As with any complicated, difficult decision, success starts with good planning.

Tips for Standardizing Your IT Infrastructure

IT Standardization is a strategy for minimizing IT costs within an organization by keeping hardware and software as consistent as possible and reducing the number of tools you have that address the same basic need.

A Field Guide to Servers

When someone refers to a server, what are they talking about? Put most simply, a server is a piece of software or hardware that provides resources to one or more computers on a network. The word “server” causes some confusion because it’s used as a catch-all term for several distinct things.

Networks 101: Peer-To-Peer Networks

In a peer-to-peer network there are no dedicated servers or hierarchy among the computers. All of the computers on the network handle security and administration for themselves.

Networks 101: What is a Network?

In the simplest terms, a network consists of two or more computers that are connected together to share information. All networking, no matter how complex, builds off this simple system. Though this may seem like a basic idea, the concept was a major achievement in communications.

Do I Need a Server?

Your small nonprofit organization is growing. You have more staff, more computers, more printers, and more documents to save. It might be time for a server to help unify and manage the information technology in your office.

Do-It-Yourself Desktop Troubleshooting

Before turning to a high-priced technician or asking a consultant to take a look, follow our steps to solve the problem yourself -- or at the very least, narrow down its causes.

Pensate di dovervi aggiornare a Windows 7?

Pensate di dovervi aggiornare a Windows 7? Quattro domande da farsi prima di acquistare Windows 7 e disporne presso la propria organizzazione